Desperate Journey (1942)

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By Ted Doolin


Great flick!

Directed by: Raoul Walsh
Errol Flynn as Flight Lt. Terrence 'Terry' Forbes
Ronald Reagan as Flying Officer Johnny Hammond

This was exciting and well put together; the actors were so skillful telling the story, it was like being with them.

A courageous crew of five, wrecked at the Schneidermuhl enemy territory, putting them in imminent danger. Although they expected to get killed, they wisecracked and joked with each other throughout the whole incident. Their attitude was, "Let's do it anyway".

The crew finds their way out of Germany the best way they can, by walking, stealing a staff car, and even sneaking aboard a private railroad car belonging to one of Hitler's top officers.

In making their way out of the country, they sabotaged a factory that made incendiary bombs. Continuing their trek, two more get killed. After re-capturing a British aircraft from the Germans, they climb aboard and using the turret on the airplane they shoot down a bunch of enemy soldiers while taking off.

I enjoyed the attitude throughout the movie. Kind of a reckless, happy-go-lucky outlook mixed with physical skill to meet the dangers they faced. Anyone who is adventure minded will like this movie.

It gives an idea of what war is like, without showing a lot of gory, bloody details - making it okay for teens to watch.

This movie is part of the Errol Flynn Adventures collection, now available at the Warner Brothers Store.

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