Battle Circus (1953)

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Set and filmed in Korea during the Korean war, Humphrey Bogart plays Maj. Jed Webbe, a drunken, womanizing physician operating a MASH unit. June Allyson plays Lt. Ruth McGara a bumbling nurse, dedicated to her country, her job, and her virtue. Can Major Webbe get to her? He's certainly going to give it his best shot.

Battle Circus  (1953)This movie, while spinning a romantic little yarn, gives us an interesting and general look at the operations of a MASH unit during wartime. We get a bit of an inside view of the mobility of these units - even back in their day - how they had to pick-up and move at a moment's notice, how they had to prepare supplies, equipment and patients for a move; a real glimpse of some of the challenges involved in this operation.

We see tents coming down and re-erected in an orderly manner as the unit is moved from place to place, we see the exhaustion of everyone involved doing their jobs as they work night and day in merciless conditions to aid in the healing of the wounded.

We also see how the casualties of war are not limited to soldiers on the battlefield in that the staff of these MASH units also helped care for sick, injured, and wounded civilians, despite language barriers. We see the heroic efforts of the MASH physician risking all to try a new procedure to save the life of a seriously wounded young orphan, who is later adopted by a soldier.

This heart rendering story manages to give us a peek into the realities of war in a somewhat lighthearted way, giving us a clue as to the nature of the training and hard work that the Army utilizes during wartime efforts.

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