What Happened to Classic Cinema Online???

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Yes, I admit it. Classic Cinema Online has been sorely neglected over the last two years, and everyone is wondering what the heck happened.

Well, I'll tell ya - I'm not one to get personal on this site, but I must admit to being a red blooded American female who - uh - got a little distracted by a man.

That distraction is now not as much of a distraction as he used to be (we got married), so now I can regain my composure and focus again and breathe some new life into Classic Cinema Online.


No doubt you've noticed the comment chat is gone. God bless the cbox folks - I really like them - but I have to cut all the money corners I can, so I'm replacing cbox with comments. This will allow people to comment independently on any movie they see or any article they read. It will allow people to interact with each other, as well.

And that's really the only real new thing for this site, but I do have plans to revamp Boris Wulfe's Creepy Classics and Classic Television Online.


I'm so sorry about that! Often a movie that goes up goes back down again without any notice to me, so I will be working on finding all of those that are not playing and taking them off the menu.


I had considered putting Classic Cinema Online up for sale, and made an announcement about bidding. I am withdrawing that consideration, at least for now, and will no longer accept any bids. Should I decide later to put this site on the market, the bidding process will start anew.

Well, that's it for now - if anyone has any questions, concerns, or ideas, feel free to voice those here. Thanks so much for your patience!